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Beyond solely producing custom analysis, we provide the support and the training to empower our clients to become independent of second and third party providers. We work with clients to develop security protocols, implement best practices, and create contingency plans. We coordinate global incident response for our clients to provide crisis management and damage mitigation. Our comprehensive global investigative service is another resource available to assist our clients. We provide instructional courses training our clients in tactical operations and situational awareness, interviewing and interrogation, and effective counterterrorism techniques. We position our own intelligence resources to collect and verify information, then interpret and analyze data for our clients. We help clients develop their own human intelligence networks when executing intelligence operations. We also educate our clients on counterintelligence, and conducting both surveillance and counter surveillance. These world-class services will provide peace of mind for public and private sector clients, protecting personal privacy as well as our client’s intellectual property.


Services we have provided to past clients include:


The United States Capitol


Our team can assist our clients in assessing assets, analyzing geopolitical situations, and screening potential strategic partners before undertaking new humanitarian and business ventures. Exclusive VIP and dignitary advisement provides peace of mind to administrative decision makers and to delegations visiting operation sites. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so allow us to properly evaluate potential new links in your network of operations.

Security Threat Assessments

Our Security analysts can provide a complete and comprehensive assessment of security protocols to ensure the safety of your executives, offices, events, and operations. We can assess current practices and assets, then develop a customized security program using predictive analysis to prepare for the range of prospective dangers threatening your international mission. As with all of our products, our threat assessments are uniquely tailored for specific missions and individuals. We aid our clients in avoiding compromising security situations, and also have procedures in place to respond decisively should conditions deteriorate in a manner that threatens personnel, assets, or operations.

Foreign Travel Security

Our team and our strategic partners have years of experience responding to and managing incidents around the globe.  We can be on scene within hours of an incident to coordinate rescue, recovery, logistical, media, and investigative needs for our clients. During an incident, our primary objective is to protect and preserve the assets, interests, and reputation of our clients. Ascendance can provide prescient crisis management and intelligence analysis regarding threats in a particular area of operations. We can also provide logistical information to partner embassies and consulates, and support and contact domestic police and military assets in proximity to the principals in-country. The result of these services will be peace of mind for those operating abroad.

United State Special Forces service member

Protective Services

In conjunction with our strategic partners, Ascendance Strategies has the resources to provide security to complement and augment the security personnel already deployed by our clients. This security, provided by both uniformed and discrete personnel, can be tailored to provide personal protection for corporate leadership, guest VIPs, or the public at events. Our security resources can also be deployed globally to protect physical assets.

Commercial Services

Ascendance Strategies will maximize the commercial value of our client’s operations. This includes continually evaluating your projects for resolved and unresolved negatives while focusing on positive aspects throughout the life of those projects. Our extensive experience evaluating international operations allows us to effectively navigate our clients through the inevitable times of turbulence. Our firm creates high-impact strategies that maximize value, uses customized analytical tools, and has detailed market data for all major geopolitical trends in the regions our clients operate. 

The Lincoln Monument

Cultural Awareness

Bearing in mind the vast scope of the global marketplace, it is vital to consider political and cultural differences before conducting operations in a given locale. Ascendance Strategies will provide briefings to our clients prior to departure on the sensitivities of host populations and what steps need to be taken to avoid insult or illegal activity – many of which may be considered routine in other parts of the world. We inform our clients how to navigate the relationships between different ethnic, religious, tribal, or socio-economic groups in-country. We teach personnel how to avoid conflict and respect cultural sensitivities. Incorporating cultural awareness allows our clients mission objectives to be communicated respectfully and effectively to all persons.

Technical Vulnerability Assessment

Considering the digital age in which we now reside, our team and our partners can sweep physical facilities and information or communication systems for liabilities to prevent theft and sabotage. Digital systems are riddled with vulnerabilities. While every system is different, our knowledge and experience of digital electronic countermeasures and system vulnerabilities allows us to protect digital systems from hackers and eavesdroppers.

Tactical Emergency Medical Services

Ascendance Strategies has the capabilities to provide our clients’ personnel with emergency medical service options tailored to their specific missions and areas of operations. Evacuations are a specialty service, as many firms are hesitant to take the risk of evacuating personnel from hostile environments. Having a tactical emergency plan in place is crucial to giving our client’s personnel the best chance to escape dangerous situations and arrive safely at hospitals known for providing excellent medical care which conforms to western standards. Our firm will construct prudent plans to have in place prior to a crisis, and will continue to provide logistical support and guidance as an emergency situation unfolds.

Support to Nonprofit Organizations and NGOs

At Ascendance Strategies, we believe it is time for fresh thinking to solve the world's intractable problems, thus we also believe nonprofits and NGOs must assess their operational capacity to identify both strengths and areas needing improvement. This type of solutions-oriented problem solving is a necessity for organizations operating globally. We will ensure the success of programs by constantly monitoring progress and we will combine feedback from individuals in the field with advanced technologies to deliver targeted aid, improve planning processes, and increase public engagement. Through our value-chain program evaluation and various training courses, we can assist our nonprofit clients in optimizing the aid packages and services provided globally – even in the most remote locations in the world.

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