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Consultants for a Globalized World


The Ascendance Strategies team offers a wide range of services, uniquely designed to strengthen our clients’ understanding of important global issues:

  • International Affairs

  • Foreign Policy and Global Markets

  • Personnel Security

  • Domestic Implications of Geopolitical Developments

  • National Security and Counter-Terrorism

  • Asymmetrical Security Threats

  • Cybersecurity and Digital Surveillance

  • Political Systems

  • Profiling and Leadership Analysis

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  • Research Analysis

  • Policy White Papers

  • Legislative Impact Reports

  • Travel Advisories

  • Legislative Summaries

  • Risk Management

  • Threat Assessments

  • Professional Trainings

  • Energy Market Analysis

In today’s interconnected world, miniscule geopolitical developments in one part of the world have repercussions affecting markets in another. Security is paramount, as new threats appear at a breakneck rate.  With the use of active all-source intelligence collection and on-the-ground situational awareness, Ascendance prepares our clients to conduct business on the forefront of emerging trends. 

Whether you are looking to expand into new markets, a production company filming abroad, or want to understand how a foreign election will affect your supply chain, our analysts have the answers.


The types of security products we provide to corporate clients are:


At Ascendance Strategies, we understand the world today is a rapid, ever-changing, global community.  We are Consultants for a Globalized World.  This motto is our mission, and we strive to be our clients’ multifaceted guide through our increasingly integrated world.  We pride ourselves on elite professionalism, subject area expertise, and proactive strategies.


Our clients succeed through our belief in pre-emption. In the instantaneous world of today, it is not enough to merely react. Our philosophy is that success can only be achieved within the integrated global economy through predictive analysis.


As a boutique firm, we offer an assortment of research and analysis products, tailoring a variety of consulting services to meet the needs of each individual client.  We maintain a comprehensive network of trusted, primary-source, professional contacts around the world that support our clients’ custom objectives.  Our team provides the flexibility necessary to respond to our clients' individualized, evolving needs.  Our staff of experts, and our strategic partnerships with vanguard global companies, allows us to offer the very best to our clients in the areas of security assessment, geopolitical analysis, public relations, political strategy, and campaign consulting.


The Jefferson Monument in Washington D.C.

Practical foreign policy and effective security policy begins at home, with proficient policymakers. Therefore, as a non-partisan firm, we have made it our mission to assist pragmatic, solutions-oriented candidates win election at all levels of government.


Each election cycle is different, and every candidate faces different issues depending on the community they come from, the district they represent, and the office they serve. We analyze public policy issues at fundamental levels, identify relatable and digestible solutions, then craft a message which resonates with your community to communicate your positions effectively.


To help candidates succeed, we use our expertise in foreign policy and international security to craft policy which pertains to: national security, public safety, international agreements, trade policy, emergency management, and energy markets. With the aid of our strategic partners, we develop effective media strategies, craft our candidate’s image, and provide media training.


The types of consulting products we provide to political clients are:

  • Opposition Research

  • Policy Positions

  • Legislative Briefing

  • Speech Writing

  • Strategic Communications

  • Political Talking Points

  • Media Strategy

  • Campaign Management

  • Polling and Analysis

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